A Chicago Area Gallery Show Opportunity

I have been invited by the Board of the La Grange Art League and Gallery to be the first photographer to be their Featured Artist and I'm honored to have been asked.  {La Grange is west suburban Chicago)  The gallery will run for the month of April and will feature about 30 of my images including some large canvasses.  The opening reception will be on Sunday April 6 from 3:00 to 5:30 P.M.  The gallery will be on display until May 1.  The title is, ' The American West: A Photographers Journey'.  This image of the Mistaya River in the Canadian Rockies has snuck in to the show because it is a favorite.  Come if you are in the area; I would love to see lots of visitors.


It's Been a Long Time

For a variety of reasons it has been over a year since the posting of a new Gray Owl gallery.  Now it is time to get back on to the internet and share some new images.  I'll be adding a couple of new galleries over the next several weeks starting with one featuring images from Winter in Yellowstone, a fascinating place to shoot wildlife.  Check back in a week or so for this set of images.  Here is a sample to whet your appetite. 

 THE NEW GALLERY IS NOW UP.  It is the last tab under the Galleries Heading.  HOPE YOU ENJOY IT!!


New Gallery - Fall in Yosemite

Finally getting round to putting up a new gallery, this time from a photo shoot done in Yosemite National Park in mid-October 2011.  The new gallery will actually go up in a few days, early Feb. 2012.  For now, here is an image to get your attention.  This late day shot is of Half-Dome from Olmsted Point on the Tioga Pass Road and shows some of the fabulous colors of late light in the high Sierras.  As is my practice, I'll be taking down one of the currect galleries, this time the one from Yosemite in the spring.  Come back in a few days; there are some really nice images.

 THE GALLERY IS NOW UP - Last entry under the Galleries tab!!!


Yosemite - Postponed

As this entry is written, I was to have been flying back from a spring photo shoot in Yosemite National Park.  That trip had to be postponed when the reality of regular family life intervened.  Fortunately, United Airlines let me reschedule it back to October without paying any additional fees.  So, I will be able to see Yosemite in the fall for my first time with, hopefully, lots of nice color.  It should be great for another reason, I will get back to the high country part of Yosemite that I love and that is still closed this season because of the enormous amount of snow this past winter, I think I read 180% of normal.

So, thinking of what I might have seen on this spring trip, I decided to put up a gallery of shots taken the last time there, spring of 2008.  Hopefully, that gallery will go up in the next week or so at which time the gallery of panoramic shots will come down.  I do like to shoot pano's so it is reasonable to assume that a new pano gallery will go up again sometime in the future.  In the interim, here is a shot that is both a preview of Yosemite and a


panorama shot from the famous overlook at Tunnel View.  You are looking down over Yosemite Valley and, although not visible in this shot, the Merced River.  Bridalveil Falls is on the right side. 

The Yosemite Gallery is now up, the last entry on the Galleries page. !!


Eagles Everywhere

It has been consistently cold here in the midwest during the month of January, cold enough to cause lots of frozen rivers and lakes although we haven't had very much snow lately.  In January, one of the well known local places to see eagles is at Lock and Dam 14 on the Mississippi River just south of I 80 on highway 67 in Iowa.  Last Saturday, I went there with members of the Mayslake Camera Club for some shooting.  Took my Sigma 500 on the Nikon D300 body.  By one count, there were 50 to 60 eagles perched in trees near the dam.  The weather was overcast, solid gray clouds; not great light but at least bright enough for in-flight shooting.  I managed to get one very nice sequence of an eagle successfully fishing.  This shot is just before the end of a small fish.  I would have posted the one he caught but it doesn't make a very good fish story, too small.  Still, those eyes and talons extended, the end is near.  Talk about focusing on your objective. 


Great place for winter shooting; I hope to go back yet this winter on a sunny day.